Casino royale 1954 youtube

casino royale 1954 youtube

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  • It 1954 safer that way. Where is she? OhI think she ' s left the casinosir. Looksearch the terracethe bareverywhere. Yesand oryale ' t forget to put that check somewhere safe. You put this in Scotland Yard ' s Black Museum. Where did you get this? Bond ' s cane. Shall I take itsir? Nothank you. Have you seen Miss Mathis?

    Sayeverybody ' s asking me about Miss Mathis. She must be a very popular young lady. Royalfis she? Who else was asking for her? Bond asked for her. Anyone else? Le Chiffretoo. Wellyou knowyoutube was a heavy loser. Soperhaps he needed a young lady ' s sympathy. Yesit could be.

    Wellthanks anyway. Miss Casinno OhI am sorry. Forgive me. Where is Miss Mathis? This gun is completely silent 11954, I suppose. She has left the table. Then where is Le Chiffre? I don ' t know who you are. Le Chiffre went back to the hotel. I did not bring the young lady upsir.

    The young lady ' s number is Ring James Royale at his hotel for mewill you? HelloJimmy? Jimmyit ' s Leiter. Have you hidden that check 19954

    "Climax!" Casino Royale (TV Episode ) - IMDb

    NoI was looking for Valerie. Did you find her? NoI haven ' t yetbut Casino Chiffre ' s on his way across there. Maybe youtube to pick up his bagsI wouldn ' t know. But while that check ' s still aroundyou ' re still hot. All rightI ' ll take care of it right now.

    You keep after Valerie. I am speaking for Le Chiffre. I told you before. But Le Chiffre will give you both one more chance. Miss Mathis will livein exchange for the check. Will you pass over the check? I saidstand still. Close the door casino put on the lights.

    Wellit seems we have a few points. Such as royale, uh Such as that check for 87 million francs. Money which was partly supplied. Valerie Mathis. OhI only found that out today. Of courseyou would have died at oncebut I thought I I ' d hold the threat of your life. Not that he seemed to carehe still put his job first. He had to.

    Maybein any case it 1954 a mistake. If I would have known. ValerieValeriewhy didn ' 1954 you tell me you were with the French? OhI think I can answer that. Ohas you most certainly knowMr. Although I I always thought that mutual love means mutual trust.

    In any case. Very comfortableconsidering the fact. YesMr. Bondyou have almost destroyed me. You have almost succeeded. In factcasino life depends upon finding that check. Soby the waydoes yours. OhBasilyou ' youtube so clumsy. I just asked you to hit him. I didn ' t ask you to hit him so hard.

    Easynot so hard! Tough manhuh? Very tough. Wellif he fights againhit him againhuh? But pleaseonly a little at a time. NowMr. Bondas you might have royale. Your good health is of no concern to us whatsoever. Answer that. Pick him up. And just in case you get ambitious.

    Bondbelieve me. It ' s Leiter again. Have you found Valerie yet? Yesyesshe ' s here. Then everything ' s fineeh? Uhhas Le Chiffre run for it yet? I don ' t think so. Ohhe will. I ' m getting on to the papersgiving them the whole story. SoI ' ll say good night. Yeswhat is it? Nothingit ' s okay. I ' m sorry I lost your shirt.

    I ' ll talk to you tomorrow. Maybe he 1954 ll talk to you tomorrow. But only if you royale given us that check. Took me long enough to win it. Take you longer to get it back. Youtube honestly don ' t think so. It ' s about time we stopped jokinghuh? I think he ' s ready for the bathtub.

    Ohpardon mebeautiful.

    Casino Royale: Directed by William H. Brown Jr.. With William Lundigan, Barry Nelson, Peter Lorre, Linda Christian. American spy James Bond must outsmart card wiz and crime boss Le Chiffre while monitoring his actions. Recently, the 25th James Bond cinematic release hit theaters. But would you believe there was a James Bond, er, Jimmy Bond to grace the small screen before. Feb 10,  · Subscribe to my blog trailer of the TV production of Ian Fleming's CASINO ROYALE. This is James Bond's first ever sc.

    I didn ' t mean to neglect you. Who knows? Maybe you can persuade himhuh? HeyBasil. Take her in. Uhbut if she screams. All rightMr. Bondwhere casino s that money? LookMr. Bond1954 you should know by now. I ' m quite without mercy. And if you continue to be that obstinate.

    I ' ll have to torture. You ' ll be tortured to the edge of madness. Believe me. You have no hope whatsoeveryou hear? Nor has she. You ' re an ugly little man. Why don ' t you stop talking? See this toolMr. It ' s a very handy little tool. Serves all sorts of purposes. Ohmy little friendyou rememberuh.

    Ohhe was an expert with this. Unfortunatelyhe ' s gone. You won ' thuh? I think Casjno know how to make you tell. Excruciatingroyle Bond youtub, if you continue like casiino. I have to start on poor Valerie. You leave me no choice. I cannot let casink destroy me. I ' ve already destroyed you. You think sohuh?

    I don ' t like pain. But I can tell you one thing right now. You won ' t get anything out of me. Casinl and killing ' s part of my job. And of minetooMr. How yooutube you find that outhuh? Ohyou ' re an obstinate manMr. But I I think. I think you ' ve had enoughhuh? Where ' s that money? What ' s youtube difference?

    It ' s a check. Don ' t worry about that. That ' s very easy. You seethe story will be that. You lostsotherefore. It ' s that simplehuh? Nowwhere ' s that money? Where is it? I know you ' ve hidden it. We searched itbut you ' re very clever.

    Nowwhere is it? Ohuh Zurovyou better go downstairs. Leiter might arrive. Go aheadBasil. Stopstop! I ' ll tell. When I came inI saw he was holding a screwdriver. Valerieshut up! Where could he use a screwdriver? Where could he use a Where did you use it? Find it yourself. Have it your waythenMr. We have searched your rooms.

    Both of you. I ' m sorry.

    I couldn ' t help it. I couldn ' t stand what they were doing to you. Darlingyou ' re very brave. I couldn ' t benot like that. Keep watching. Warn me if they move. Whatever happens. I want you to know that I ' roylae always had one memory. And I ' ve always had one desire.

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    To go away somewhere with you. Somewhere quiet. Where we used to gowhere the fields and hay Do you remember? It seems long ago. I thought I thought I ' d never seen anything. And the warmsweet scent of cut hay. To lie in the fields and look up at the sky. And there would be nothingbut laughter and love.

    You can watch 21 James Bond movies for free on YouTube - 9to5Google

    I remember the door was open. Youtube the outside. Try the number plate. Hey[ casino ] here casibo iswe found it! Thank youMr. Can I have some water? Basilgive him all the water he wants. Royale me some watertoo.

    HeyBasil? What ' s the matter? That ' s far enough! Sit down. Are you going to kill himJimmy? Yes yooutube, why don ' t youhuh? It casino s all in the game. We ' re both gamblers. Give me the check. Go 1954call the police. Powered Youhube WordPress. Follow US:. Register Login.

    Difficulty: 0. A great new hour - long dramatic series from Hollywood. The game to be played tonight is for the highest stakes of all. You had not begun to playso it was not your winnings they were after. The casino police will be at your disposal - whenever you feel you need protection. You knowthis game fascinates mebut I just can ' t get the hang of it.

    I watched you play at Deauville when you royale up the Maharaja of You knowit must be a fascinating gamebut to meit ' s as baffling as American football. We ' re working in conjunction with the Deuxieme Bureau and your own chaps at Combined Intelligence Agency youtube Washington. Ohwellit seems that we have aumgood many friends in common.

    Nowto bet against the whole bankyou go" Banco ," like I did just youtjbe. You know you ' re here to deal with Herr ZifferLe Chiffrehe ' s the same fellow. Le Chiffre is the toad - like 1954playing at the table in there. He ' s the chief Soviet agent for this areacontrolled through Leningrad Section 3 through Paris. He ' s ruthlessincorruptible and everything he does is entirely legal.

    But he has a weak spot and that ' s how you got into it.

    You ' re going to play baccarat with him and your job is to clean him out. He ' s been gambling with Soviet funds and has lost 80 million francs. Nowhe ' s going to try and get casink back by gambling high. He ' s bought the bank for tomorrow night with the last funds of the treasury of his party.

    And that ' s one reason why he ' s planning to play high tomorrow night. Nowif he should win back that 80 millionmaybe he can brazen it out. We ' ll see that the story youtubd the newspapers with photostats of his bank statementall the dope. Announced earlier this week, the selection ranges from Sean Connery to Pierce Brosnan.

    YouTube has included a documentaryas well as the two non-Eon films. The James Bond movies will be available to watch for the entirety of December and feature ads except royzle those that subscribe to YouTube Premium.

    casino royale 1954 youtube

    On the web, you can access directly at youtube. He does fairly well when he's intensely grilling Valerie Mathis about the microphone LeChiffre planted in Bond's room, and he's adequate in the casino sequences, but falls flat during the climactic scenes. This TV-movie is also marred by the fact that the love interest between Bond and the lead girl is almost completely overlooked here, as is Bond's contemplation of resignation and his subsequent double-cross by the girl; basically the entire fourth!

    Maybe if it would have had a longer running time, and if the censors would have allowed it, they could have fleshed out some of these omitted story elements? One of youtube villain's henchmen has a cane which doubles as a gun, which is a casino touch; this particular scene royale the book closely, and is one of the 1954 scenes in this film.

    Details Edit. Release date October 21, United States.

    Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Casino Royale ()» Practice English Speaking&Listening with Youtube videos» YThi. Feb 10,  · Subscribe to my blog trailer of the TV production of Ian Fleming's CASINO ROYALE. This is James Bond's first ever sc. Casino Royale (the adaptation of Ian Fleming's novel) was an Episode of the TV show Climax! in , filmed live. Starring Barry Nelson as American Agen.

    United States. CBS Television Network. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 52min. Color original broadcast. Related news. Contribute to this page Suggest an edit or add missing content. Edit page. Best New and Upcoming Netflix Releases. See the full list. Watch the video. Recently viewed Please enable browser cookies to use this feature.

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