Casino royale villain

casino royale villain

Casino Royale - Wikipedia. Is Casino Royale a "remake"? He is also a major antagonist in the James Bond film series, being the main antagonist in the first installment Casino Royale, and a posthumous antagonist in both Quantum 888 pacific poker Solace and Spectre. His left eye has been injured somehow, which causes him to bleed from his tear duct on that side. The best explanation comes from Le Chiffre himself: Weeping blood comes merely from a derangement of the tear duct, my dear General. Believed by MI6 to be Albanian and officially stateless, Le Chiffre is a private banker who finances international terrorism. Mikkelsen subsequently provided his likeness for the video game Quantum of Solace given the name Jean Duran [1] and the film Spectre ; where he is revealed to be a member of Quantum and rotale parent organization ….
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  • In a final confrontation between the two, Gettler runs towards Bond, but the spy uses a nail gun to shoot out Gettler's left eye.

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    Despite Gettler's death, Bond failed to save Cazino who suddenly drowns to her death while Mr. White makes a clean getaway with the money, though he would later end up in custody after Bond tracks him down. White, were all pawns as part of Blofeld's true plot to wreak psychological pain on Bond. Roger Moore Dr. Non-Eon Dr. Noah Maximillian Largo.

    casino royale villain

    Ling Denise Sydney Mr. Kil Dr. Daniel Craig Mr. Hinx Marco Sciarra Moreau Dr. Villains Wiki. Villains Wiki Explore. Top Content.

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    Jester of Chaos BeholderofStuff Valkerone. TimeShade TyA. Pure Evil Terms. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Deutsch Italiano. Adolph Gettler.

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    View source. History Talk 0. She then travels to Montenegro and is with Kratt as she stands against the railings and watches her boyfriend Le Chiffre play against James Bond in caaino high stakes poker game at the Casino Royale. On the casino night of the Poker tournament, Valenka is standing guard in the Presidential Suite of the hotel.

    She later calls Le Chiffre back to the room during a break and when he meets her at the balcony and asks what's so royale, they are ambushed by Steven Obanno and his liaison who threaten to cut off Valenka's arm if Villain Chiffre doesn't give him their money.

    casino royale villain

    James Bond Daniel Craig stops Obanno and kills him and his bodyguard. Valenka is safe but she stays with Le Chiffre despite Obanno's comments that she'd be better off with another boyfriend. Not wanting to be alone again after what occurred the previous night, Valenka joins Le Chiffre at the Casino on the second night of the game, when Bond becomes a threat to Le Chiffre.

    Oct 13,  · Le Chiffre (French: "The Cypher" or "The Number") was a fictional banker who finances the world's terrorist organizations. Based on Ian Fleming's literary character, he was the main antagonist in the James Bond film Casino Royale and was portrayed by Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen. Mikkelsen subsequently provided his likeness for the video game Quantum of Solace (given the . Oct 13,  · Adolph Gettler was a fictional operative of the criminal organization Quantum. The villain was based on the literary character who first appeared in the Ian Fleming novel Casino Royale and was portrayed by German actor Richard Sammel in its James Bond film adaptation of the same name. The character later appeared in the video game Quantum of Solace, which incorporated . 26 rows · Villain Portrayed by Objective Outcome Fate Casino Royale ( TV episode) Le Chiffre: Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins.

    Valenka poisons Bond's martini with digitalis, and during a break in the tournament, nearly dies of cardiac arrest. Bond is saved by Vesper Lynd Eva Green however, and returns to the poker table for the last round of the game, much to Valenka's horror. She smiles and casimo Le Chiffre but then he loses. Valenka is publicly humiliated by having failed Le Chiffre, and stomps off from the table.

    Later, however, she gets vengeance for LeChiffre's failure by assisting him in kidnapping Vesper Lynd and leaving her on the road, tied, for to have a bad car crash.

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    A sweaty Valenka gets out of the car and holds the door open as Le Chiffre's henchmen throw Bond into the backseat. Le Chiffre announces Mathis' a French spy treachery on his behalf.

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    Valenka smirks at this. This is the last we see of Valenka, as she goes down into the hold of the barge with her boyfriend, and takes Vesper into another room with Kratt and one other henchman.

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