Epiphone casino peerless review

epiphone casino peerless review

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  • I was around for the crappy Asian guitars of the 's and 's. Most of them were horrible. I never would have believed that imports could be of the quality that Epi's been doing for more than a decade now. An increasing number of imports are coming stock with much better PU's, including American-made ones, and some have high quality electronics.

    There's millions of guitar players all over the world today, and they're demanding more and more value. With the internet, musicians are better-informed and more saavy than ever. It's an incredibly competitive market. I expect imports to keep improving in quality until they eventually catch up with American-mades. The Japanese have already done it.

    It's only a matter of time for China and Korea. Many American-made guitars are priced well above their cost, and that's forcing many of them to offer budget product lines if they want to sell in decent quanities, and those aren't much better than today's imports.

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    The distinctions are getting blurred and will continue to. Second hand BS or not, used korean epiphones do sell up in the regions of casino new chinese versions when talking about review standard models. But with the new line of 60s styled models, I think these new chinese guitars will start to trump the casino models and see the price of korean standard guitars fall, something that is worth discussing among people who purchase epiphone guitars Your generalisations, while partly true, are instinctively known peerless everyone review buys an epiphone, but hasn't really added to the converation, as they are not always true when put into practice.

    I have never bought a brand xasino epiphone. I have bought second hand and I have never sold fpiphone for less than I bought epiphone for. More perrless than rdview I have made a decent profit on all my epiphone sales and people continue to sell them profitably on ebay every day which flies in the face of the low expectations of your bottom line conclusion.

    Yeah they're not Gibsons, but this is an Epiphone forum so relatively speaking it is worth discussing the differences in quality and desirable within the Epiphone market, even just for our own amusement and knowledge. While the overall quality control of Chinese Epiphones has improved in recent years and become much more consistent, aside from a few particular models like the '61 reissuesthe specs have clearly been changed for the worse.

    I recently saw a newer Joe Pass model in a store, and it was not even close to my Samick. The top had barely any arch at all, and the shape was more squared off from the graceful curves of my Samick. F-holes on many models have been widened, probably to make installation of the wiring harness easier, but they look oddly distorted to my eyes.

    Woods and finishes are clearly of lower quality as well, though the build quality seems pretty decent. The bottom line is it's all about epiphone bottom line. The Qingdao factory was set up so that Epiphone guitars could be made less expensively not so they could be made better. Many of the designs have been compromised to that end, so I seriously doubt that the standard Chinese models will peerless the Korean ones when they are apples-to-apples comparisons.

    The specialty models that were never made in Korea are a different story some of those may become more desirable to collectors as they become less available.

    REVIEW: Omnicharge Omni 20+ and Omni Ultimate Power Banks

    I agree. You can only compare like for like. It is not fair to compare a standard Korean casino for instance with a limited edition Chinese one or an inspired by version as these have a higher and more traditional leerless. They also cost more new than a Korean made version.

    Epiphone Casino *Peerless* made with **upgrades** and | Reverb

    The used value of the Korean must be compared to the standard Chinese version. Why anyone would teview a new reissue or inspired by casino when they could buy a used elitist for similar epphone is something that puzzles me also. If we're talking about straight comparisons, then yes, like for like is a fair method.

    But my question isn't about the quality between same models, but cxsino desirability. In future, if people are after a standard model, I fully expect them to seek the cheapest or best quality, which in my opinion revew korean, or for those who want to buy new: chinese. However, as an epiphone fan, if I was in the market for an entry level epiphone hollow body now I would prefer the more specialised caasino models over the epiphne lineage of the korean models.

    This is the point I'm trying to get across. Even theand are, in theory, closer to the intention than the dot. Quality is an issue that doesn't always affect first time casinl or buyers of new guitars The bottom line for me now is that Epiphone are offering more attractive options to buyers than the standard range offered by korean production which will eventually put the korean models in a bit of a shadow.

    Essentially the korean models peerpess reimagined versions of classic hollowbodies. I think over time they will be considered as review variations whereas the chinese reissues will form part of a cannon epiphone are trying to reclaim, reaching back to the 60s.

    Without a doubt the Korean versions of the Les Paul Casino are far, far better than any Chinese version. My concern doesn't necessarily relate to country of manufacture, although Quingdao will undoubtedly have improved areas such as fit, finish and quality control as it established itself. Instead I'm more interested in the quality of woods used in manufacture.

    I'm sure that guitars are not exempt from such practice so I worry about this whatever the brand. I think that, as consumers, we epiphone have ourselves to blame sometimes because we often insist that we must have rosewood and mahogany, and will settle for nothing else. I have to say, I'd rather have a superb piece of alternative wood that does the same job than I would a cheap cut of rosewood.

    epiphone casino peerless review

    Gibson were forced down epiphone route because of the federal seizures of rosewood blanks and players certainly seem satisfied with the alternatives on offer. I think that Epi should similarly investigate alternative woods as a way of maintaining quality and also assuring ecological sustainability. That, coupled with the QC in Quingdao, could make for a winning formula.

    Good guitar yes Good investment no. I don't believe there is anything "instinctive" about facts as casino relate to a Musical instrument manufacturer. As for my "generalizations" being "not always true when put into practice" Uh, that's why they're called "generalizations" You're clearly one of the people fomenting the very marketing BS I spoke of in my first post - hence your somewhat rreview defense contained herein.

    Revisw do you consider a decent profit? Like I said in the previous paragraph, I've been watching prices on epiphones in general for at least the past 10 yrs. Buy with Confidence — Reverb Protection has you covered Live support from an expert team of musicians Simple and straightforward returns A safe community for finding the gear you want.

    About This Listing. Here is an impeccable condition Peerless Peerless produced Epiphone Casino Reissue in Natural review with rosewood fretboard. We've epiphoen extensively in past listing of the build quality of Peerless made Epiphone's and this is one of the top examples we've seen. Neck, frets and rrview all superb.

    The grain on caeino one is just stunning and the upgrades bring it to a whole new level, check it out: Gotoh non wire Tune-o-matic bridge.

    Peerless Songbird vs Epiphone Casino

    Bourns k low friction audio taper pots. CDE Orange Drop. Let us know if peerkess have questions. We are accepting offers but honestly wouldn't mind keeping this one, it truly ranks up there with our Elitists at a fraction of the cadino. This item is sold As-Described This item is sold As-Described and cannot be returned unless it arrives in a condition different from how it was described or photographed.

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    epiphone casino peerless review

    Listed 2 days ago Condition Mint Used Mint items are in essentially new original condition but have been opened or played. Similar Products. While Peerless used to make guitars for Epiphone, I believe all that stopped a few years ago. I believe most or all Epiphone guitars other than perhaps Elitist models are built in Epi's own factory in China.

    Would that be comparable to the Epi casino Elitist? Join Date Aug Location cali Posts 9, Thanks for the advice, hope to find one for a reasonable price Join Date Feb Posts I have never played a Epi Peerelss Casino. They do share the same construction, both fully hollow thin-line. The Songbird is a beautiful, very well made guitar which was far superior to the Epi Casino in build quality.

    Unfortunately Peerless really skimped on the electronics, the Songbird had subpar electronics and pickups. Great thank you all, I will eeview looking for a used Songbird or a Inspired by Lennon, I don't have the money for epipyone one new.

    Nov 01,  · Ironically, I bought a pair of generic Epiphone Casino pickups from Ebay and the improvement was amazing! The Peerless Songbird has generic Epiphone pickups in it. I think it even says as much on the spec. Jan 06,  · Here's a video talking about my recently acquired Epiphone Casino from the Peerless factory in Korea. Jan 24,  · Epiphone's original semi-acoustic, the Casino has changed little over the years. The combination of the hollow body and twin P90 pickups deliver a warm yet bright sound that sparkles/10(11).

    Thanks for the great advice. Since your advice I have been looking around for the inspired by Lennon and the Peerless songbird in Europe, but they are pretty scarce. From the Us will be to expensive due to the shipping and taxes on top of it. There are some sometimes to be found in the UK, but most of the people there are not so used sending stuff overseas it seems.

    If I could get hold of a casino made in the Peerless factory period and would change the Pick-up's would that come close to the inspired by Lennon or is that one just a lot better because it is Japanese made?

    Casino Review | Epiphone | Electric Guitars | Reviews @ gracecao.co

    The older Casinos made in the Peerless factory in South Korea will have serial numbers beginning with "R". These are the ones you want. Yes I found that out also, from till I believe? But could you upgrade one of these with the Gibson pickups? Gibsons, sure. Or any dog-ear P from any after-market maker.

    Its just a matter of what sounds you are chasing and your budget.

    Epiphone Casino Peerless Natural | Nodnarb Collectibles | Reverb

    If I had a Casino and wanted to upgrade pickups, I'm afraid I could spend hundreds of hours listening to clips on YouTube and other sites. I may be wrong, but I have noticed that current Epi's don't use scarf jointed necks whereas Peerless does. Scarf jointed aren't necessarily bad, but just an observation.

    Peerless built Epiphone until Gibson failed to get them to relocate their plant to China in They preferred to stay at home in S.

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