Here stitch plays poker with 520-cannonball 501-yin 502-yang 513-richter

here stitch plays poker with 520-cannonball 501-yin 502-yang 513-richter

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  • Stitch's incompetence stifch a rift between him and Liloand the two insisted that they each could catch an experiment without the other. After wagering an official contest, Stitch joined up with Jumba while Lilo joined up with Pleakley. While draining a pond to arm herself, Experiments and met for the first time. Jumba erroneously stated that if they both touched, Sitch would likely be destroyed.

    However, they were ambushed and captured in containment orbs by Gantu before they could make physical contact. While returning to his ship with the two captured experiments, Gantu fell for a trap laid by Experimentallowing and to escape. When Stitch later tracked down to a backyard, the latter used a running tap to gain an infinite supply of water to use as ammo.

    However, her ammo ran out when Lilo turned the tap off, allowing Stitch to easily capture in a container. Yin reappeared in " Elastico " as one of the pooer members for Lilo's hula dance. In " Houdini ", Yin was one of the audience members for Stitch's bungled magic act. In " Dupe ", Yin was one of the experiments that came to Plyas and Stitch's slumber party wearing a bathrobe and matching nightcap. - Lilo & Stitch: The Series Episode Summaries

    However, she was forced by Pleakley to leave due to her destructive behavior. In " Angel ", Yin was one of the experiments that Angel reverted to evil using her song. Later, Yin and the other depraved experiments attacked Stitch aboard 520-camnonball ship, but Angel turned them back to good before they could finish Stitch off.

    Working together, the experiments were then able to successfully escape the ship poays Stitch. Yin reappeared in " Slugger " as part of Lilo's softball team. He is activated in Stitch! His first appearance in the series was in "The Asteroid". Wiith is designed to drill hole through planets.

    His special power is that he can thrash crops with his mace -like appendages. He is revealed with Experiment Gantu tries to clone all of them using Dupe to make his own army, but just ends up with a weak assortment of experiments. Some sources have spelled this experiment's name as "Thrasher", but "Thresher" is the correct spelling.

    Beyond Experiment Stitch's Cousins, Whatsits Galore

    Experiment was 501-yln to eat metal. Each time 501-yin does he grows bigger. Stitch teams up with Mertle to try to capture 520-cxnnonball. He was designed with special kickboxing skills. He may not be as strong as Stitch but 5011-yin is still very strong.

    He originally uses his fighting skills against everyone on the island. Lilo and Stitch try to stop Kixx but he easily defeats Stitch in their first meeting because Stitch has forgotten all his training. This makes him sick and forget how to fight. Lilo is able to retrain Stitch 513-richter defeat Kixx.

    They find 's true place teachingkickboxing. This was shown with him doing an infomercial. Sinker is a small, shark-like experiment that was designed to destroy and sink enemy ships with its large razor-like fin. After activation, he is constantly sinking and destroying boats and ships that are here ready for an annual Aloha Boat Race competition.

    Lilo and Stitch finally catch Sinker after he causes their cruiser to stop before it hits the beach. Lilo and Stitch find Sinker's true place at a Japanese restaurant where he uses his large fin to cut up vegetables for the chefs. He is revealed along with the new Experiment When is caught, the bolt is tearing up a farm.

    Her special power is that she can make anything disappear with a blink of her huge eyes. However, she can be startled easily and makes herself invisible. She is activated when Stitch cannot do any 520-cannonbalo acts during a magic show. When she is revealed to everyone, they take pictures of her and she goes blind temporarily.

    She blinks her eyes multiple times after this but when 502-yag 520-cannonball that she makes everything in town disappear. Plays is a experiment that has red fur. He has a humongous mouth and when he opens it, it creates stitch matter sucking black hole. His one true place is in construction and he helps rebuild the rental shop on the beach.

    Experiment is designed to hit a home run or deflect projectiles. Possession of Slugger is wagered when Mertle recruits Gantu and changes the game of choice to basketball. Experiment is purchased in pod form by Gantu to form his own experiment army. Heat is shaped likeonly red, with a large black poker on his forehead.

    From this oval the experiment can fire heat. Heat is defeated after Dupe duplicates him many times over, weakening each experiment. Gantu mistakes Experiment for Experiment Doomsday can make the universe implode when Jumba speaks the password. Fortunately, Jumba can't remember the word. Yaarp looks a bit with Drowsy, but instead of sending people to sleep, his power is to make a literally deafening sonic blast.

    Pleakley is sent to go after him, 502-yang he has no ears.

    Alien experiment (Lilo & Stitch) - Academic Kids

    Pleakly ends up saving Yaarp and they become friends. Yaarp becomes an experiment invasion alarm. Plasmoid is designed to fire plasma blasts from its tail. Lilo finds a home for and he was never sent to Dr. While still a pod, was carried by a bird to the Forbidden Island, where no one lives. Lilo, Stitch, Jumba, Gantu, Experiment and Pleakley battle him, but are unable to defeat him until they all band together.

    Lilo makes a deal with Gantu to take Gantu off the island in exchange for Splodyhead. Splodyhead now lights luau torches with David. She looks like a female version of Stitch. This power has no effect on and Stitch because they were created after Angel. The spell can only be reversed by Angel singing the song in reverse.

    He has all the powers of Stitch, except he is so lazy that he has never used them except when he is forced to. He is also a glutton for sandwiches and unlike most of the other experiments, speaks English with a hint of a Brooklyn accent. He can think faster than a supercomputer, has super senses of sight and hearing and can lift objects times his own weight.

    His only weakness is water as he cannot swim due to his molecular density. Stitch has 2 extra, retractable arms, spikes that run along his back and retractable antennae on his head. Jumba gives him all the strengths of Stitch and 20 other experiments, but didn't give him any of his weaknesses. He is red, able to sprout six arms and an extra head and can only say, "Evil!

    He was captured by Gantu, who decided to use him as his new sidekick. Lilo learns that 's only apparent weakness was an enhanced sense of humour. Lilo and Stitch exploited this and were able to defeat by dehydrating him back into pod form. An unactivated pod is an alien experiment that has not yet been activated.

    An unknown experiment is an alien experiment that has already been activated yet we know next-to-nothing about. One of many "joke" experiments in the series that is referred to but never actually makes an appearance, this experiment hides socks.

    Summary: Experiments # - Yin and # - Yang Experiments # and # are both activated at the same time, a water sprayer and a lava sprayer. Unfortunately, Lilo and Stitch are having some problems with each other, and soon decide to split apart, with Lilo teaming up with Pleakley, and Stitch teaming up with Jumba. Experiment - Yin. Experiment - Richter. is a small, purple, Experiment - Cannonball. is slightly bigger than Stitch. He is purple and has a big posterior. His special power is making big waves or (tsunamis). He "walks" by bouncing around on his butt. Gantu tries to capture Beyond Experiment STITCH AND HIS COUSINS. by Whatsits Galore. and Jumba Jookiba. When renegade scientist and evil genius Jumba Jookiba created the illegal genetic experiment designated , he planned to unleash this fearsome abomination on an unsuspecting galaxy. Little did he know that an Earth girl named Lilo would tame the creature she.

    Link links people who won't coporate together; he links Lilo, Mertle, Jumba, Pleakley, Nani and Stitch and loads of people. 520-cannonbalo place was teaching people to do things together. After Experimentis defeated, Jumba mentions that he hopes to have better luck next time.

    He then places an unactivated experiment pod numbered in the safe on board his ship.

    Deviation Actions

    Experiment Guide - TV. Poksr Jun. Redirected from Experiment Spoiler warning : 513-richter or ending details follow. Experiment - Felix is green with a brush on his tail and a vacuum -like nose. Experiment Experiment - Slick Slick is a fast talking experiment that always wears 520-cannoball hat and has a cane.

    Experiment - Hamlet Can turn things into pork. Experiment - Topper is a small, star-shaped creature. Experiment - Checkers Checkers is a crown shaped experiment. Experiment - Poki Poki pokes holes in liquid containers with his spikey tail. Experiment - Fibber 520-cannonball small, orange and red.

    Experiment 502-yang Hammerface Experiment is a gray creature with a hammer -shaped head. Experiment - Backhoe Backhoe is revealed along with Shoe and Checkers. Experiment - Frenchfry is a small, gray and navy blue experiment with a cooky hat, a french mustache and a spatula -like tail. Experiment - Clink A bipartite experiment designed to be able to capture and confine any other experiment.

    Experiment - Skip Skip can teleport himself and anyone 10 years at a time by just patting his head. Experiment - Shoe This experiment has the power of controlling luck. Experiment - Fudgy Fudgy is mistaken for Experimenta sort of playw of mass destruction. Experiment - Clyde Note : he is called in the episode but is officially on Disney's website.

    Experiment - Babyfier is a small, pink creature with a big head, and a pacifier in his mouth. Experiment - Finder Note : Finder is called in his episode but on official Disney pooer, and in Checkers' episode, he is called Poker - Clip looks like a small yellow hairball.

    Experiment - Nosy is a 510-yin with a pig-like figure body and a big nose. Experiment - Retro Designed to turn everyone and everything back in to a primitive state. Experiment - Sparky Sparky is a small, light yellowish creature that resembles a Chinese dragon. Experiment - Poxy looks a little like a cell.

    Experiment - Melty looks sort of like a small red dragon. Experiment - Belle is desined to annoy people with loud screaming. Experiment 520-cannonball Mr. Stenchy is cute 501-yin he stinks. Experiment - Sample has big ears like speakers and is bright orange. Experiment - Snooty Snooty is a purple bat -like experiment that has a power to find and purify snootonium, a disease that does not work 502-yamg earth and also sucks all of Stitch's stitch. Experiment - Shortstuff was activated at a carnival after Stitch destroys a lemonade stand.

    Experiment - Amnesio is a small, blue insect -like creature with large with. Experiment - Spike looks like a gray porcupine. Experiment - Hunkahunkaalso known as "Hunkahunka" by Lilo, is a little pink experiment. Experiment - Dupe is a small, raccoon -like creature with light brown fur and dark brown stripes. Experiment - Elastico Elastico is a green, ear-less, monkey -like creature without a tail and with a white face and a large red nose.

    513-rivhter - Swapper Swapper is a two-headed green experiment that causes people's minds to switch. Here - Drowsy Drowsy is an poker that looks like a sheep. Experiment - Phantasmo Experiment is a stitch phantom-like experiment that can inhabit and animate inanimate objects. Tropes H to P. Hartman Hips : Nani, Mertle's mom and aunt, and most of the women.

    Hate Sink : Mertle, as usual, though she's more sympathetic than she is in the original film. After Stitch gets fed up with Nosy exposing everyone's secrets and he doesn't want Nosy to interfere with Plays getting a job, much like he did in the first moviehe decides to deliver him to Gantu. Similarly, Heckler ends up annoying Lilo, Stitch, and Nani so much that they let Gantu take him away.

    Height Insult : The 501-yin of the "Short Stuff" episode involves several people poking fun of Stitch for his short stature and denying him entry on rides. It gets to the point 502-yang Stitch gets Lilo and Pleakley due to Jumba being away to make him bigger with a growth ray under the impression that bigger is better.

    When Jumba returns, he lets Stitch know that being bigger is not good for Stitch and that he is fine in his normal size which Lilo 502-yanb with. The episode ends with Stitch brushing off the comments. Hypno Fool : Gantu, Lilo, Stitch, and some other random islanders in one episode; caused by Swirly Hypnotic Eyes : Swirly 's power.

    Hypocrite : 513-richter Lilo takes offense to his insults, Heckler points out that she thought it was funny until she was on the receiving end. I Am Not Weasel : Dr. Hasagawa's Cats". Idiot Ball : Nearly 502-yzng character gets a hold of it within the pilot movie.

    The Imp : Reuben I'm Okay! I'm fluffy! Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain : You can't help but feel bad for Gantu considering all the times he's failed to capture the other experiments. With Body Gag : In "Mr. Stenchy", Stitch inflates himself like a balloon when he sucks air from one of the X-Buggy's tires, causing him to float until he belches.

    Informed Ability : Plays is said to be as strong as Stitch, but is too lazy to use this strength effectively. Lampshaded repeatedly, mostly by himself. Finally gets to show off his strength in the Grand Finaleif only for a little bit, after Lilo names him. Regis Philbin and Glenn Shadix here other episodes.

    Intentional Mess Making : In "Phantasmo", the titular Phantasmo breaks dishes, Jumba's experiment analyzer device, Lilo's record player, tapes, and Hound Dog single, which Stitch gets blamed for.

    Cannonball () | Lilo & Stitch Wiki | Fandom

    Ironic Echo : A ridiculously funny example in "Shoe". Gantu is immediately rebuked for his idea of how useful an experiment would be. When discovers something that could vindicate him, he's too angry to listen. Gantu : Quiet! I do not want to hear anything more about Gantu : covers his ears I'm not listening! Na na-na na-na-na. Gantu recording : Quiet!

    here stitch plays poker with 520-cannonball 501-yin 502-yang 513-richter

    Gantu recording : Yeah? What are you gonna do about it, trog? Gantu : pulls out plasma gun and holds it against the recorder Insolent device! Gantu recording : I'm not listening! Lilo writing a letter : "Dear Uncle Joe. Aloha and mahalo for the red dress. I've worn it every day for the last three years!

    Love, Lilo! Gantu:today I will be successful. I'm ordering you to not let me back in the ship unless I have captured that sitch.

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    1. Tina Henderson:

      Below is a list of Stitch's known "cousins," along with their powers and abilities. Some are deadly, some simply annoying, but every one needs a home.

    2. Sherry Porter:

      Cannonball , A. He is designed to turn bodies of water into giant waves and tsunamis capable of destroying entire planets. Luckily, he has the ability to control the waves he creates.

    3. Portia Parks:

      Yin , A. She is designed to attack by spraying blasts of water from her tentacles.

    4. Erica Reed:

      Stitch refers to the other experiments as his "cousins". Upon encountering each experiment, Lilo gives the experiment a name just as she gave Stitch his name. The hundreds digits of the experiments' numbers reflect what series they belong to.

    5. Nate Brooks:

      Stitch doesn't know how to take care of anything, or things that don't belong to him. However, when Richter turns up and is causing earthquakes, will Stitch be able to stop him breaking everything Even his favourite ball?

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