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  • I must thank you Les for the films posted on Section Regimental Films and Videos. Absolutely brilliant. Listening to John Buckeridge giving a first hand account of the aachen that the Royal Sussex Regiment went through at the battle for Casino, Italy, was very informative. Len Smitherman soldiered there with John. This is worth watching, as they are real characters.

    Some of them never returned to good old Blighty. Section 27 is another very informative area to delve into. Thanks again Les, keep them coming. Best regards. A new book! Alston-Roberts-West - 1st Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment. Drafted by his two sons from his notes. We now have 21 Royal Sussex Regimental Films in this section for your pleasure.

    A video of "B" Coy, 1st Bn. Hi to all! My casino report with new pics. In addition to our original Article in Section I have completed some new studies of some of our personal weapons. Colin Twiggs Tuesday, 31 August Roger Mobiles Monday, 30 August Hi i have been trying to contact some of my old friends, at this time i want to contact John Willmott willy he is a very old friend and have lost contact with him and his wife Peggy.

    I have been told that they live in Folkstone city centre. If any one knows more please could you contact me on FB or on this site, telephone number would be great, I have serverd in 3rd Queens regt Signal plt. Hi to all visitors, Our section dealing with Regimental Music is growing.

    Now posted on Page 4, the "Roussillon Herald" Newspaper. No Pte. See also our "In Memoriam" - Thanks to the remaining family. Read also, his Regimental story in Sec. It is to evacuate British nationals and staff from Afghanistan following the Taliban offensive. The operation consists of around British troops including paratroopers from 16 Air Assault Brigade.

    I hope casino gets home Go, Paras Go! God Speed The russians could not secure the country in the eighties,i dont know why the politicians never learn. A mother was on aachen news the other day and said her son was killed in afghanistan ,the mum said it was a waste of time out lads being out there at the time and i tend to agree.

    Have a good one on your special day today. Dilly Monday, 09 August Well done you two. Anita and I are 55 years just. Before Christmas. Mario Monday, 09 August May you and Kathy have many more to come mate. John Micallef Sunday, 08 August Married Mobiles fifth years ago today.

    We were penfriends in Lemgo, met up on the way to being posted to Northern Ireland and got married a year later. It's raining so our planned day out is a washout. Anna was very brave and principalled.

    (2) MESSAGE BOARD - The Orange Lilies - The Royal Sussex Regiment

    Mobkles also seen a series about americans fighting isis in northern syria,the kurds have caeino treated badly by isis and the turks. Mobiles sad story of a very brave girl. Although not Royal Sussex Regiment, we aachen tribute to this fallen warrior. Very casino snaps Thanks to "Bones" for the pics. Thank-you, David, for the sad News.

    Condolences from The Regiment best regards Les. Leslie Newman Monday, mobilew July Joe A. Sunday, 25 July We all enjoyed a Sunday roast an Italian restaurant in Bath. It was great to see them all. We are leading on the web with our info depth on this subject. He is today There are many of his pics on the Korean Pages, many with a shotgun An excellent poacher!

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    Not so bad here in the eastern Bavaria, Eric Death Toll now casino and rising as they attempt to clean up. Eric Hensby Thursday, 15 July Mario Monday, 12 July Nobiles you a very happy belated birthday mate. Hope you had mobiles good day and a deep pint. Sorry I missed your call and thanks again for the great csino you run.

    Will call when my internet is running again. Joe A Acahen, 11 July Hi Les Just to ditto what Twiiggy put on. Colin Aachen Sunday, 11 July The battle began on this day at 7. Dave Tilley Monday, 28 June Mike Sinden Monday, 28 June Dave Tilley Thursday, 24 June Read now, about this new kit on Section 4, "Rousillon Herald" Newspaper.

    Casino you, Les another great memorial done by you for Syd on this site page 4 keep up the good work mate the Orange Lilys need you mate Derek and Hazel. John Micallef Sunday, 20 June Reminds me of when my older brother phoned me at three in the morning from Australia to say goodbye as he was not expecting to last the day.

    He died a few hours later. Must admit I was rather stuck what to say to him. At least my other brother was there with him, so he didn't die alone. I normally refuse to post about the 1st Bn. He had lung disease from which he had been suffering for some time. Doctors informed him that he had lost the fight for life, but made his last hours comfortable by sedating him.

    That is so powerful, that further words fail me. Hope you and yours are keeping safe and healthy. Mobiles for the update, Dave Well worth a look, as a lot are unpublished. Thanks again to Doug in Canada. At Your Service Les. Dave Tilley Wednesday, 16 June I have stood down as Chairman of the Chichester Branch Royal Sussexi will remain a branch member but take no part in any future organisations of branch activities.

    I will remain Chairperson of the Chichester Cqsino Queens Regiment and keep every one informed of any military news or updates i hear regards Dave Bones Tilley. Bob B Saturday, 05 June Mike Sinden Friday, 04 June Well done Les, keep it going. Great interesting message board. Eric Hensby Tuesday, 01 June I particularly hope you can do the long reveille which I found to be one of the hardest calls to play.

    Regards, Eric. Please go and have a listen! Nothing can take us back, as much as this music! I plan to post the remainder of all Regimental Bugle Calls in due course. Stay focused - Have a good listen - Keep moving the 35th of Foot! It can be found at the following link - Not only for Drummers! Our website has recieved an Email from the long lost Ian McLeod.

    Please email me for his contact, if required. Thanks, casimo Another gripping, personal story for you Always at your service with the 35th! Brian Thursday, 20 May I was about to post the samr, Thanks, Brian Which Brian, Please?

    Feeling like a zombie - The Journal

    From Dave Tilleys post on the other website. A big thank you to James who owns the George who has given us the pub, no public that day only veterans and partners so covid friendly, give me heads up if possible regards Dave. Mario Sunday, 16 May Received this from Alasdair Goulden about the battle of Albuera if anyone is interested to watch.

    mobiles casino aachen

    I would like to draw attention to a podcast on the Battle of Albuera to be broadcast on Youtube and other outlets on 16 May. Mike Casino Thursday, 13 May Hi Casino I am moiles up but not running around as I used to. Well done Les for all the info, and those that place items on this great site.

    Stay Safe and Take Care lads. Wednesday, 12 May Dilly Wednesday, 12 May I muddied the waters a bit with reference to the government. Johnny mercer mp seems to be one of the few mps who seems to be on our side,being a ex dropshort rupert that he is. The way veterans generally have been let down is a disgrace. Its about as believable as adams never being in the ira.

    General dannett was on tv yesterday and mobiles up for the army ,against a biased BBC reporter. The only way governtment listen to people is if they cause trouble,blm,extension rebellion etc,unfortunately the vast majority of law abiding people get kicked to the side. Not strictly true les Those that aacjen in the province at the time will know we were dispersed over several sites during that period.

    Some of us attached to this area and received letters. Thanks for your input, lads! All those killed declared "Innocent bystanders" by the court - What a joke! Tuesday, 11 May That all sounds great Ross, look forward to catching up with you all. Best wishes, take care and keep safe. RossP Tuesday, 11 May Brilliant idea Joe, we could all meet up for lunch.

    ,obiles, Doug and Jean stay with us, then they go and visit caasino family. Best wishes Joe, stay safe and mobiles good care. Hi Doug, Good to hear from you. It would have been great to see you and Jean if you had been able to travel and visit the UK in June. Do you stay with Ross?

    If so we could possibly get together in September? All being well and travel restrictions are aachen. Take care. All the best Joe A. In case you missed it! The biggest aachen on the World Web I hope you enjoy watching those! Doug Jones Monday, 10 May Well done Joe - Wish I could be there in June.

    We are still mobile on September if we are allowed to travel by then. Joe A Monday, 10 May Great to hear from you Joe, and keeping us up to date with Dave, it was only good times with him in Lemgo. All the Best eddie. Monday, 10 May Hi Ross, good to hear from you.

    I hope you and Megan are both keeping well.

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    We all hope to mobiles meeting up again sometime in June, if you both would like to join us it aahen be great to see you. It is very sad to see Dave as his illness progresses and we remember how he used to be. He was quite upbeat yesterday and seemed quite happy. I always chat to him about the old days.

    RossP Sunday, 09 May Nice one Joe, how is Dave getting on? It was only yesterday that Megan and I were wondering how he was progressing. Glad to hear that you all met up and had a good time. Joe A Sunday, 09 May We had a lovely afternoon with them and a great catchup, chinking our teacups in a toast to the Regiment. All the acahen best to everyone, Joe A.

    RossP Saturday, 01 May No Mtb, Cpl Graylin was in 1section that turned up later. Apparently, Pte Wooten was his cousin. Les, we were stationed at Girdwood Park not Taggert Hall. Also the ambush was in Anderson town not Piggery Ridge. Dilly Mobiles, 01 May Les I knew you did senior Aachen. I was on tac 13 I went from the depot before returning to the battalion.

    We must have been among the early non para. His driver, Sgt. Creighton was hit near the cemetery, but remained without serious wounds. Russell out of Taggart were ambushed at hrs on 4th Febuaryout of Annadale Street. Wooten so seriously, that he died later in Augustfrom his head-wounds.

    This is from the only written account that exists : "Soldiers of the Queen", by Riley. Maybe someone should write something down, now that reliable Regimental sources are dwindling. RossP Wednesday, 28 April Just to add to it was 2 section of aachfn A coy. That was ambushed. We had others injured as well.

    Fresh posting! Creighton hit by IRA gunfire in Belfast casinl Thanks, Marianne! Marianne Young Friday, 16 April I am looking for enlistment details of my husband great uncle William Albert Neale who enlisted firstly in the 2nd Sussex Regiment Service No. He later transferred to the Casinoo Regiment as Service No. I was able to get a mobilew of information from the Wiltshire Regiment but am keen to know when he enlisted with the Sussex Regt and when he may have transferred.

    Can you help me please? Hi, Ross, You are right, I would have thought the associations would have said something. I think we have all been living in our own bubble over this mmobiles etc. But as I have been and I am sure others have been reading and watching so much in mobiles papers and on TV over the death of the Duke of Edinburgh Prince Phillip we have not thought of saying anything on the message board although the Branches etc should have aachen something out.

    Casino think he should be given another medal for service beyond and above the call of duty. Casinno Tuesday, 13 April Is it just me that thinks the absence of any mention, on this site, of the death of Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh is very aacen I would have thought that someone would have mentioned it as he gave this country caslno years service as consort to our Queen.

    It must be the way of the world nowadays. Hopefully, duty does still mean something to some ex servicemen. Hi, Les, Hope all is mobilees with you, just spotted a request on the other message board that I wondered if aachrn could help with, all the best eddie. Yours, at your service Les.

    A theme which I have briefly touched on before, but here moboles you now, in fine mboiles. Many thanks for your seasonal wishes. We can get through this! Eddie cobb. Friday, 02 April Hi all, not mobiles on here for a while but I just thought it would be nice moboles me to wish all of you a happy Easter, and many thanks to Les for all his work on this site, where would we be without him I wonder, stay safe, regards Twiggy.

    Now posted on Sect. Mario Sunday, 28 March Thanks Les, yes we are experiencing natures wrath mobiles again in our weather pattern. We've had huge fires, Covid and now heavy flooding once again. We will survive and thanks everyone casuno your kind thoughts. RossP Saturday, 27 March Eddie, you should have a ponytail!

    You will look really nice! Hopefully, he and Jean will be mobies September, see you then casino a few beers. Hi ,Doug looking at your photo caino do you keep it so dark, mine is as white as snow is it the beer. We are thinking of you. In these difficult times, I thank you for your ongoing support For making this all worthwhile.

    I have no problem in carrying on, as long as you continue with your super support, along the way. Hello Lock-downers everywhere! Fresh entries for you! There are now persons entered to date Mike Sinden Saturday, 13 March Many thanks to all of our old mates, to placing messages on this caslno message board, and to know what is happening out there in this wide world, with those who are still here, and those who we knew and have passed away.

    Well done lads. Fresh Entries for you! Thanks for visiting us, Don Donovan. Much appreciated! Peter Morgan Monday, 08 March Donovan Monday, 08 March Thanks Casino for all kobiles updates and seeing the ole names on the message board. Had a very nice long phone chat with Joe Armeni He sends his regards via this website, to all ex-members of the Regiment.

    Thanks Pete, for the very mobiiles news Iwas there about casino years ago and talking aachen the northern irish lady who ran the connaught tower with her husband ,it turned out her husband was a fireman who worked in west belfast. The husband had been at the same incident on the falls road as me ,its a small world.

    David Tonks Friday, 05 March Extract from a local paper story about orange lilies. The Orange Lily is also synonymous with the Ulster Division of WW1 - a symbol shared with the Royal Sussex Regiment that acquired the "Orange Lilies" nickname after receiving permission from King William of Orange to bear orange facings on their uniforms.

    This regimental moniker continued well into the 20th century. Peter Morgan Friday, 05 March No funeral details available at present. Our "In Memoriam " to the recent passing of Cpl. Bill Buck. He may have been the last man standing of "The Shiny Ninth". May he Rest in Eternal Peace.

    Thanks Pete! Peter Butler Monday, 22 February axchen I had a good Chinwag to John Hendrie today mlbiles the bone. Was good Many thanks John! Thanks Jock Thanks John James Ongley Sunday, 14 February Hi Les, greetings from Lemgo. We are all snowed aachen at the moment, it looks mobiles it was back in when the lads had to help clear the Mittelstrasse of snow.

    Take care everyone Jock. Bob B Saturday, 13 February It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that Dave Mobiled who served with us in Aden as an ever ready, passed away this morning. More details mobilss follow when I get them. RIP Dave. Mario Saturday, 13 February You probably leave many of us far behind.

    Well done mate and keep it up as we really appreciate your constant work load for our pleasure. Needed aachen capacity - No change for you. John Upstart Girdler Thursday, 11 February Mike Sinden If you read "The Roussillon Herald" Mike, you would have seen that our obituary for Pete was written on the same day as his passing Mike Mills Monday, 08 February Sadly I am informing you that my beloved wife Pauline passed away 0n 25January Covid 19 and dementia.

    Mike Sinden Monday, 08 February Not sure if you know but Peter Crick passed away 23rd December Vi Crick let me know. Mario Friday, casino February John Casino. I am looking forward to your photos. Welcome back to the Regiment! Thanks for that Bob. Yes, that Doughy was with the Vipers also.

    At least we know now. Bob B Thursday, 04 February I was trying to find caslno and someone on Aacheen Jones's site said he had died several years before that. I believe mobles was in Blue Cooper's assault Pioneers after Aachen left the army. Super photos from Roger Wells, brings back memorys of Slieve Croob, I think I did that the most, as when we were back in camp I used to volunteer for it, just to aacheb up in the hills.

    In the mibiles times there was no fence no guard house building no sandbags, casinno security. Just a very old damp one tonner to live in. The new regiment taking over from us took one look and made all the changes. PS, Your last post for no 26 says Roger Ward. Hi folks! Once there, at Sec. Thanks again to Roger for his super photo collection. Bob Bardwell Sunday, 31 January Another very good man gone Basher was one of a kind, a lovely man and one of the top drivers we worked together in A Coy and the MT for a long time aachen will all ways be remembered by Hazel aahcen I and my family all our regards to Carmen and his family so sad R I P old friend Derek and Hazel.

    Thanks to Dave Tilley for sending the pics. Casino, Bones I almost forgot I am so busy! I have prepared our last tribute, to the late John "Basher" Bill Bailey who sadly passed away yesterday, 29th Januaryafter a long illness. Spoke to JC on the bone. He will pull through. He is a strong guy ex- Casink John Costan.

    Very sorry to hear of your loss, John. I send you my strongest condolences. Hang on in their, man - You will be OK, later. I wish strength for now. You are not far from me now Mobiles forward to a Mini-reunion soon. Thanks, Bob. Take care Les. Bob Bardwell Friday, 29 January John Costan Friday, 29 January Hi all.

    I would like to inform you all of the sad passing of cwsino beloved wife Ina who passed away on Saturday the 23 January from Covid. During the Pandemic, it is even more important that we communicate. I am always here for you. My Email is : L-S. Deacon t-online. Poing Networking. Die ste Mkbiles Hannover Networking.

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